About Visual dBase & dBase Plus

Most of my programmers are written using Visual dBase or dBase Plus.  Most people have heard of dBase and believe that dBase is no longer used.  It is true, that there are probably not very many new programs being written using the old dBase for dos.  But in the mid-90's Borland, who owned dBase at the time, created Visual dBase.  Visual dBase ver 5.7 is a 16-bit programming language, but was also designed specifically for Windows 95 at the time.  Borland did not market Visual dBase 5.7 like Microsoft has its programs.   Visual dBase is an excellent database programming language and is still working fine even on Windows 2000 & XP.  Many programmers are trying to use end-user databases to develop commercial applications, but these programs do not have the ability of Visual dBase.  Visual dBase is not really for the end-user, instead it is for the programmer and developer.  With Visual dBase you can develop super-fast programs for Windows, for Networking, for Multi-user applications.  The performance of Visual dBase is excellent.  And it is an Object Oriented Programming language "OOP" and was ahead of it's time compared to other languages that claimed to be OOP, but were not.  But in the late 90's, one of the premier Visual dBase programmers "Alan Katz" purchased Visual dBase from Borland and formed dBase Inc.  He has put together an unbelievable team with NEW great ideas.  To get to the point, Visual dBase is now dBase Plus "32-bit" and has unbelievable power.  One click database web applications.  Super fast network applications.  Plug into almost any database or multiple types of databases.   Change your source code and update your customers without reinstalling your applications on every workstation without asking the customer to close the app or restart the computer - "Can your language do that? AND STILL PROVIDE SPEED, PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY?"   The Programmable Report writer/generator can publish directly to the web, or from the web.  dBase programs can and do run directly on the web, and the language is still an OOP language that has been improved beyond belief, with features such as true inheritance "for example create a custom form or report - other forms or reports can inherit changes from that form or report, just change the custom form - any form based on that custom form will inherit all changes automatically.  Also there are reusable datamodules and SQL (queries) that both can be used by multiple objects such as forms and reports".  Visual dBase and dBase Plus both include a compiler, not just a second hand runtime component.  There are so many features I can not tell you about it in this short paragraph.  If you are interested in database programming or are using languages such as Clipper or FoxPro or Visual Basic or even lessor programs such as Access, you won't believe what dBase can do for you.  Even programmers using low level languages such as Delphi "which is excellent" will benefit, because the development time is minimized for database programs.  This is just my opinion, but I hope you will take a look at dBase Plus or Visual dBase.

Go to the dBase website:  www.dbase.com

For dBase Programmers: Using Crystal Reports with dBase Plus and Visual dBase.

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