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16 BIT Features!

Here is a list of features that we have added.


May 2008
DayCare 2008 Version Released

January 2008
Giving 2008 Version Released.
Free Checkbook Program

February 2007
Giving Patch available in download section.  Fixes password screen not displaying properly.  Fixes and enhanced Giving statement reports.  Upgraded "Giving Quick Entry" to have alphabetical click list to easily and quickly find a member.

January 2007


April 30 2005 added Departmentalization to the checkbook.  Allows you to print a department checkbook report.  Enter a department number when creating bills and entering records into the checkbook.  When entering giving records, enter :# for the department in the "details field".  For example.  If somebody is giving a certain amount and you want that giving record to go to depart 2, enter a colon and then the dept number, such as ":2" and then any additional description.

March 2005 new upgrade interface to MapleSoft Giving.  Additional reports such as Giving Types Summary.

January 2005 total upgrade to the DayCare 2000 interface.  Product now called DayCare 2005.  Main update includes easier to understand and quicker access to features.

Here is the most recent features available in the upgrade 2004.
1) Enlarged all of the data entry screens.
2) Added a Custom Report Writer "for you".
3) Added a Backup & Email Program.

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Here is the most recent features available in the upgrade 2003.
1) Photo added in child master record
2) Roster report added
3) Child account & statement reports expanded to handle date range
and the ability to choose a specific child or family.
4) Custom reports expanded so that you can see and use custom
reports created for other daycare's.  When you request a custom
report it will plug into the custom report screen so that you can see
a description and explanation about the report.
5) Child Statement report includes contact field from company setup.
Use this field to display miscellaneous information.
6) Easier to choose report criteria for child account statement report.

Here is the most recent features added 2002.
1) Reports are in color.
2) Right mouse click on Red "help" button brings up context sensitive help. Regular click on Red "help" brings up quick tips.
3) Print Labels for children, staff & programs.
4) New main screen & menu layout to make it easier to flow from step to step.
5) "More Settings" in "Company Setup" has option to increase screen sizes for monitors set to greater than 640 X 480. For example if your video setting is 800 X 600, this would allow you to see more records.

Here is a list of Previous features that we have added.

    1) Handles Multiple Daycares
    2) Print Reports by Location
    3) Password Protect each Module
    4) New Chart of Accounts
    5) Full Payroll Module
        - Calculates federal, social security, medicare & state tax
(state tax calculation requires purchase of state tax tables or
setup of state tax withholding amount in employee/staff
master record).
        - Handles special deductions like health insurance & pension
        - Easy step by step Payroll.
- Access to Federal & State tax tables.
    6) Better Integration Of Attendance And Billing
        - Generate billings from child attendance
        - Or use the account scheduler
    7) New Improved Staff Time
        - Integrates from child attendance
        - Integrates to payroll
    8) Batch Printing For Bills and Payroll
    9) Enter data for Time fields in Standard Time or Military Time.
    10) More Reports that run Faster.
    11) A New Improved Easy To Understand Manual
    12) New Report Engine - Print to screen & select pages to print
    13) Form & Data Expands - As you stretch out forms,  
        data will increase rows & columns allowing you to see more "or less". 
    14) New Quick Help on every screen.
    15) New Popup Calendar for easy fill in for date fields.
    16) Automatically increase screen sizes. 
        Go into company setup & choose settings.
    17) Turn off or on the automatic ref_no field in child accounts. 
        Go into the company setup & choose settings
    18) We have added a quick accounts feature that allows for quicker data entry.
        This feature allows you to enter child accounts "billing & receipts" & allows
        you to print a receipt.  There is a post button for posting the quick entries
        To regular child accounts.
    19) Payroll can now be ran by location.  Each location must be completed before
        starting a new location "thru posting".  Also in payroll setup a field has been
        added to enable state tax tables to have a married/single rate.  You should
        put a "Y" in this field, if your state tax tables have Married and single.  If not
        put an N or leave it blank.

To read other update information & bugs that have been fixed, click here.

1) Need Password Protection?
  When you purchase DayCare 2005, we will add the password protection unit that allows you to password each financial component, so that only authorized people can access your important information.
2) Staff Time Clock.  MapleSoft now offers a Software Time Clock that can be used for your staff.  This program will work by itself or with DayCare 2005.  It is sold seperately for only $49.00. But is free when you purchase DayCare 2005.   This program allows your staff to enter their staff id number and the person would then click on an "In" or "Out" button.  The time is generated from the computer, so that no one can change their time.  It has a password protected administration component that you can update DayCare 2005 with or export to disk with your staff's time.  Click here for more information.
3) How About Import/Export Capabilities?
  Now an additional free module, which lets you export and import data from DayCare 2005 to another computer via floppy disk, e-mail or to another directory on your hard drive.  You can even export to spreadsheet files, word-processing files and more, so that you can use your data in a different program.  Make your own reports, sort & format data to see information from DayCare 2005 in different ways.  You can even put selective data criteria such as dates and child id numbers, so that the export file will have just the information you need.  Here are some examples that you might want to do.  
    A) Maybe you have more than one daycare facility, but want to run payroll at the main facility for all facilities.  You could export the selected staff time records from all satellite facilities "via floppy disk or e-mail" & then import the staff time records at the main facility where you could then run a payroll for all employees at all facilities.
    B) How about doing work at home?  Maybe you just have one facility, but want to enter data at home & at the daycare facility.  You could use the import export features to transfer data back and forth from each computer.  You can select which files to transfer, so if you wanted to just work on attendance, then you could choose the activity & attendance file.  Or if you wanted to pay bills, then you could choose the bill file.
    C) Maybe you would like to use an Attendance Report in MS Excel.  Just choose the desired file.  Click on the "Special" button & the information will come up on screen.  You can then send it to a file on your hard disk or to a floppy disk, that MS Excel can use.  The same thing works for Lotus 123 or MS Word and other popular file types.
4) Parent/Child Time Clock.  Want the parents to clock their children in and out as they come and go?  When you purchase DayCare 2005, we add an additional Child Time Clock program, that you can setup on a different computer "or the same computer as DayCare 2005".  Real easy to use, the parent or guardian just enters the Child's 5 digit id number & clicks on a "Clock In/Out" button.  That's it.  There's an administration component so that you can update DayCare 2005 directly or send the data to a floppy disk, that you can then import to DayCare 2005 "if DayCare 2005 is on a different computer".  We recommend that you clock in and out your children in DayCare 2005, so that you have the needed control.  If you decide to use this component, we suggest having your teachers or childcare workers, clock the children in and out.

To read more about previous features, we suggest you read our FAQ section.

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